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Key Each block represents an educational opportunity.



Size of square
Benefit Mix

The size of each square reflects the benefit mix it offers. Higher education organizations in the age of unbundling can provide content, socialization, assessment, any two or all three of the above.

For Example: Content-Socialization-Assessment (ASU Online); Content (Open Courseware); Content-Socialization (MOOC); Socialization (OpenStudy, CityYear); Socialization-Accreditation (Github); Assessment (


The intended or potential audience for an innovation can be very narrow or very broad. It’s represented here by a single number (1-Elite to 10-Mass.)

For Example, Dev Bootcamp, a startup that costs thousands of dollars and is directed at Silicon Valley computer scientists with bachelor’s or advanced degrees, would rate a 1, while Khan Academy, accessible to elementary school students for free, would rate a 10.

Each organization in the map is listed by name, URL, and online/ offline/ hybrid. They are sortable by the following attributes:

Course Type

Business Model

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